Vacation Rentals

We work very closely with a number of commercial rental agencies and private clients with their own home that they use or rent out to others. The details of each home are always different.

We will personally see to it that you get a customized cleaning procedure for your own vacation home or commercial rental.

All areas of the home cleaned and sanitized
Fridges cleaned & perishables disposed of
A quick check of drawers and cabinets for cleanliness
Linens washed and replaced (if provided)
Outdoor areas checked for trash
Furniture cleaned
Hot tubs checked for cleanliness
Garages & patios swept
All garbage removed to outside receptacles

Our cleaners will check over the entire house for any damage or excessive messes or garbage and report them immediately to the office.

If you are considering using your own home as a vacation rental, here are some recommendations:

Consider making one of the closets or cabinets one that locks it is useful for extra supplies and linens it is also useful if you plan on using the home for your own vacations.
Having two lock boxes outside the home (one hidden) is useful in case your renter locks themselves out. No need to send someone with an extra key.
Having a check out list of things the renter is responsible for such as turning off all lights, taking out the garbage, collecting linens and putting in one location. Most renters are agreeable to doing these types of things.
It is up to you what you would like to provide for your renters but a well-stocked home with games videos and outdoor playing equipment such as bicycles and beach toys will help to bring your renters back next season.

If you have any questions about turning your home into a vacation rental we’d be happy to help. Just give us a call 832-292-2741 or e-mail us.

Vacation Home Cleaning for the Airbnb

Clean & Disinfect

A vacation is always welcome, especially with the way modern life is turning out. A break from the maddening pace, the deadline chasing and rising stress levels in their day-to-day existence is something everyone needs.

Having a vacation home in Houston is something many people look forward to. Thanks to the vacation home cleaning services from the professional house cleaners at  

Maids On Demand  getting a clean vacation home is no longer a challenge.

Give all of your vacations in Houston the best start possible with your vacation home looking just the way you want it.  One of the most enjoyable parts of a vacation is the emotional momentum that vacationers planning to head down to Houston build up whenever they are about to reach their vacation home.

Now imagine after all that waiting and excitement for a week of fun, a family comes face to face with a vacation home in shambles, one they’ll have to clean up before their vacation even begins. Not a pretty thought is it?

Deep Cleaning in Houston •

For those moving into a vacation home, having a mess already on their hands is probably the last thing they would want.

However, if they are moving into a clean vacation home that is ready for them, vacationers planning to head down to Houston can get off to a comfortable start for their holiday.

The biggest benefit of hiring our professional house cleaners for vacation home cleaning or deep cleaning services is the time and money you will save.

You can enjoy the vacation time that would have otherwise been spent on readying the home before you even get to enjoy what little vacation time your schedule has permitted you.

House Cleaners for Houston Vacation Home or Rental Home Cleaning

Vacationers planning to spend time in Houston who are looking forward to a getaway from their daily schedules can call the professional vacation home cleaning experts from

Maids On Demand  .
Gives us a call or text at 832-292-2741, and we will make sure your vacation home is ready to go before you even get there.

With the very latest equipment and methods, there is no job too big or small for our deep cleaning experts. With our competitive Upfront Prices: No Math & No Surprises -these vacation home cleaning experts provide the most value for vacationers in Houston.

Give us a call and get the most out of your precious vacation time. Our professional house cleaners can provide you with all of the vacation home cleaning services you need.

10 Most Main Cleaning Tasks at Vacation Rentals

It is extremely important to discuss your expectations with THE  housekeepers upon hiring. As a vacation rental homeowner, you also have the responsibility of visiting your property as often as possible to monitor the appliances, linens and overall cleanliness of your home and to replace anything that is damaged. That way, you can rest assured that your home is being kept up to your standards.

1. Hair on the bathroom floor or in drains. Your housekeeper will vacuum after mopping to make sure everything is picked up and check the drains in the sink, shower and tub to prevent clogs.

2. Mildew on shower curtains. We recommend Using mildew-resistant shower curtain liners. They cost a bit more, but will stay cleaner longer. Keep replacements in your owner's closet and ask your housekeeper to replace them before they start to mildew.

3. Rust stains in the toilet. Keep bleach /rust remover on hand in addition to standard toilet cleaner for your housekeeper to use regularly.

4. Dirty stove, oven or toaster oven.  housekeeper will check appliances. It is also helpful to provide burner liners for the stove top and keep extras on hand.

5. Dirty barbecue grill. Provide the appropriate tools for keeping your grill clean.

6. Dirt or food under couch cushions.  housekeeper will vacuum couch cushions after guests check out to make sure no Cheerios slipped through the cracks!

7. Dust on ceiling fans. Provide a ceiling-fan wand or duster to make sure the blades are clean.

8. Dusty vents. replace A/C filters at designated time intervals, and  dust the outside of vents periodically. You do not want your guests to think that's what they're breathing!

9. Stained sheets or towels. Keep extras in your owner's closet, and the maids will  replace sheets or towels when they start to get dingy. 

10. Burned-out light bulbs. We always Keep extra light bulbs on hand at all times. It is not unreasonable to ask your housekeeper to check on these and replkace as needed .

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