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$49 kitchen-bathroom-cleaning

​Remove cobwebs
Sweep & Mop floor
Wash down cabinets inside & out (remove everything & return it)
Clean baseboards
Clean inside/outside/behind stove
Clean dishwasher, inside and out
Run dishwasher  and empty when clean
Clean up dishes, pots and pans 
Vacuum or sweep kitchen rug 
Clean inside/outside/behind refrigerator
Clean out the refrigerator and freezer of older food
Clean and polish sink & faucet
Clean the outside of all appliances
Empty trash and clean trashcan 
Clean inside/outside of microwave
Wipe down all windowsills
Clean counter tops
Clean all blinds
Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, & switches
Wipe off electrical outlets


Clean mirrors & sinks
Clean exterior of all vanities
Clean light fixtures, switches, & ceiling fans
Polish faucet
Wash down cabinets inside & out (remove everything & return it)
Spot clean the door and frames on both sides and all walls
Clean toilet (behind as well)
Clean tub & shower
Remove cobwebs
Clean baseboards

Scrub tile and grout

Clean floor sweep & mop
Clean shower door 
Organize bath towels
Folded tip toilet paper
Clean all blinds
Wipe down all windowsills
Clean soap, toothbrush holder