The differences between top down cleaning done in-home and rug washing in a bath are monumental!
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A common practice is to call a carpet cleaner that arrives at your home with a portable truck mounted steam cleaning system. This works great for wall-to-wall carpet, but is a bad decision for your precious area rugs. A full submersion bath offers a deeper and more gentle cleaning for fine rugs.

In home cleaning methods are not effective

The top down or steam cleaning method not only can’t remove all of the soil from the foundation and the pile of the rug, but is also synonymous with harsh and inappropriate cleaning chemicals and detergents. In home cleaning processes involves spraying hot water into the surface of the rug and sucking it up with an extractor.

This not only can damage your hard wood floors, but also is ineffective in removing the dirt buried in the rug. It only provides a surface cleaning, pure and simple.
This process does not allow for proper drying. When the rug doesn’t dry quickly enough, mold and mildew can occur causing great damage to the rug.
To get deep cleaning, only a rug wash removes all the dirt and dust from the entire rug. Combined with climate controlled air drying, washing is the method of choice for the cleaning of fine rugs.

A rug wash is gentle, safe and thorough

The most effective and hygienic way to wash a rug is fully submerged in water. We always carefully inspect the rug for pre-existing conditions (loose threads, white knots, abrash etc.) We thoroughly dust the rug in our professional duster machine. This innovative technology effectively removes all of the sand/soil/particles in the rug fibers.

From there we move the rug to our 1,200-gallon washtub, where it is gently agitates it. This pushes water through the fibers of the front and the back of the rug.

Once washed, the rug is laid flat and rinsed. After washing, the rug is placed in the state-of-the-art centrifuge machine. The rug comes out almost entirely dry. We do hang it in our climate-controlled facility for the final drying.

Once dry, the rug is groomed and rolled for delivery.

An in home carpet cleaner is not your answer for your fine or heirloom rugs if you wish to preserve them for a lifetime. In addition to missing out on the deep cleaning benefits of rug washing, they are not trained in the art of oriental rugs and their origins/dye composition/color bleed correction etc. and may actually damage your rugs.

Think about it like this …if you get yogurt on your shirt, would you just take a wet paper towel and soap and rub it off or would you stick it in the washing

machine to flush water and detergent through the fibers of the shirt. It’s simple really.Pet Urine, Stains & Odors

Pet Urine on Your Rug?

It’s a tough situation, for many of us, one of the very few things we love as much as we love our rugs are our pets. And if marking their territory on your heirloom is an indication, pets LOVE fine rugs. Here are the steps to take when a pet soils your rug.

First Steps
When an accident happens, there’s not much time, so act fast!

It is critical to immediately absorb as much of the urine liquid as possible.
Then apply a 50-50 solution of water and vinegar and blot – do not rub – the area with white tissue or white towels.
Resist the temptation to use over-the-counter spot removers. Most are too aggressive and contain some type of bleach. Spotters applied directly to the rug can leave soap residue and cause rapid resoiling.

For Bigger Problems – Call Maids On Demand    Pet Urine Experts!
The next step is to call us and get that rug in for cleaning and urine treatment ASAP. You see urine throws off the pH of your rug and in doing so the dyes can start to wander. On a rug that’s been allowed to dry with a pet stain, in many cases the odor can be removed, but the stain itself is permanent. The only way to know for sure is to let our experts get started cleaning as quickly possible to see how your rug responds.

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The Rug Cleaning Process

The professional rug wash involves many specialised steps that are not included in wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. We have been developing and improving this procedure over 7 years to achieve the best results possible.


Expert and thorough inspection of rugs prior to cleaning which may include consultation with the customer if necessary.



The first step is to remove as much dry soil, dust, hair, house dust mites and other particles as possible using a dusting and beating machine. The rugs may be put through this process more than once if necessary.


The rug is submerged in water and pre-cleaned using mild, biodegradable detergents and soft brushes. During this process the rug is carefully inspected in order to identify any stains which may require special attention and treatment.

Rug Wash

During the third stage of the process the rugs are put through our special high performance rug washing machine which uses water jets to wash the rugs thoroughly and to ensure that no residual detergents remain.

Centrifuge spin

Once the rug is clean we remove most of the water using a centrifuge machine.

Controlled Drying

The finished rugs are hung to dry in our special drying room. This is a temperature and humidity controlled environment which helps return the pile’s springy soft texture and ensures your rug will dry quickly and properly without the risk of mold or mildew.

Fringe detailing

The fringes are inspected and treated with specialist materials, or re-cleaned if necessary.


Inspection and packaging

The rugs are inspected again and packaged for delivery.

We are extremely consistent and always follow these steps, but every rug requires slightly different treatment and if we are not satisfied with the results we will reprocess them.

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What is that odor? Urine Rug Cleaning

You have noticed that your dog or cat has urinated on your favorite rug, so the first thing you do is to go and get a bucket of water, some bi-carb soda and try to clean and remove the urine stain.  As you are scrubbing away at the stain the next thing you notice is that an awful odor appears.  Spray as much deodorant as you want, but I’m sorry, that smell is not going to go away.

So you call a cheap carpet cleaner who says, “yes we can clean your rug”.  The cheap carpet cleaner comes over to your house and there they are on site cleaning your rug. Ugh, you notice that the stains are still there and the smell is only getting worse. What do you do now?

Firstly you need to understand how urine works.  It leaves the body as a hot acid and as it dries, it changes its chemical balance. When moisture is applied physically (or it could be raining and there is moisture in the air) ammonia is released which is that nasty smell we all dread.

I’m sorry to say there is only one cleaning method that guarantees 100% removal of urine odor. Your rug needs to be submerged in a wash pit that contains enzymes that will eat all of the bacteria away.

Here at
Maids On Demand   , Your Total Cleaning and Restoration Service we have the largest wash pit in Houston,TX  and we can submerge rugs of any size. In the photo you’ll see rugs being submerged in our wash pit.  They will stay in there for nearly 24 hours.  This isn’t a small job as cheap carpet cleaners would lead you to believe as the process for cleaning urine rugs is quite detailed.

First we badger and vacuum the rug
The urine stained rug is submerged in our wash pit for up to 24 hours
We then wash and extract the water from the rug thoroughly
The rug is then dried
Finally we re-clean the rug using our deluxe cleaning process

 If you have found that your naughty pet has urinated on your favorite rug please don’t bother trying to clean it yourself. If a cheap carpet cleaner says they can clean it on site, please ask them how, because adding water can set off ammonia gas. You are better off calling the experts at Maids On Demand   the largest wash pit in Houston , as we love cleaning urine stained rugs!

Contact  now  to book in your urine stained rug for cleaning or if you have any further questions on cleaning urine stained rugs.

The time frame for our oriental rug cleaning process is 2-3 day . We handle your rugs professionally . Once ready, we deliver your cleaned and restored rugs and properly rearrange your furniture.

How Much Is My Rug Cleaning Going To Cost?

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We put the magic back into your carpet.
Think Your Rugs Are Clean?

Our customers are amazed to see how much brighter, softer and cleaner our washing process makes their rugs. Below are photos before and after our washing process. Notice how much more vibrant the reds, ivories and blues become. With the dirt, dust and sand removed, this work of woven art shines beautifully. Yours will too!


Stains are naturally lifted during our full wet wash cleaning system. Wools rugs have a natural lanolin content which protects them from stains. We use an oriental rug shampoo specifically designed to infuse wool rugs with naturally occuring lanolin to protect your rug from staining.

How Often Should I Clean My Rugs?

Once a rug’s natural lanolin is lost, rugs lose their natural stain resistance. Because our cleaning system replenishes this natural lanolin, we recommend a regular cleaning every three to six years to keep your rugs soft and strong.

Enzyme Treatment

Enzyme is a bio-engeineered bacterial culture that digests organic wastes including urine, vomit, feces, blood and grease. Since simple soap alone cannot remove the proteins that cause, for example, animal odors, we add this specially formulated enzyme to dissolve pet odors away.

Mildew Treatment

Mildew eats away at a rug’s foundation causing it to be extremely fragile. Caught early, it can be killed and removed without causing harm to the rug.

Deep Cleaning Treatment

Our deep cleaning process involves soaking a rug for an extended period of time. This allows the rug’s fibers to open up and naturally release many stains, odors and results in a softer and cleaner carpet. Afterwards, the water is completely extracted from the carpet and goes through our normal wash process with our enzyme treatment. We repeat this process as needed.

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