Basic Cleaning Checklist

When you select
Basic Cleaning, you can be sure that all of the services on the following checklist will be thoroughly performed. 

Maids On Demand   has agreed to this checklist as a minimum list of services that  will be performed when cleaning your home. 

Many of our maids  actually go well beyond the items on this list so be sure to show them your appreciation by giving them a great review and rating on our site! 


Remove cobwebs
Sweep & Mop floor
Spot clean outside of cabinets
Clean Stove Hood
Vacuum or Sweep kitchen rug 
Clean outside/on top of refrigerator
Clean and polish sink & faucet
Clean the outside of all appliances
Empty Trash Clean Trashcan 
Clean in/outside of microwave
Clean counter tops
Clean exterior of stove


Clean mirrors
Clean exterior of all vanities
Clean sinks
Polish faucet
Spot clean the outside of cabinets
Clean soap, toothbrush holder
Clean toilet (behind as well)
Clean tub & shower
Remove cobwebs
Organize bath towels
Folded tip toilet paper

Living Areas/Dining Room

Dust all corners (high/low)
Dust all horizontal surfaces
Dust mop wood floors
Sweep/Mop tile 
Remove cobwebs
Straighten up / pick-up
Clean all glass & mirrors


Dust all horizontal surfaces
Straighten up / pick-up
Dust mop wood floors 
Vacuum and/or Mop tile
Dust all corners (high/low)
Make all beds
Clean all glass and mirrors

Basic Cleaning – Maid Services

No doubt, a clean home is a happy home. However, if your hectic schedule and full-time work won’t permit you to do the cleaning, you can hire us to perform the basic chores.

Need a little help staying on top of your household cleaning duties or looking for  basic cleaning  on a regular basis? If you find yourself getting stressed each week just to keep the dishes clean, chances are you are neglecting important jobs. Let Trustworthy Maids On Demand    cleaning ladies be your go-to cleaning team and discover what it feels like to live in a home where floors are vacuumed, toilets are scrubbed and counter tops clean and bacteria-free.

We provide
basic residential cleaning to any home, big or small throughout Houston, Texas. Our cleaning services are tailored to each customer and home and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthlydepending on your requirements. Our cleaners are well-trained and attentive to accomplishing your specific needs.

We do floor burnishing , vacuuming,
tile/grout clean-up, thorough dusting, desk sanitizing, trash removal, glass cleaning, bathroom cleaning, appliance cleaning, kitchen cleaning, cobweb removal, item dusting and so many more. We guarantee all of these services and ensure 200% satisfaction.Be at ease as your home is in good hands. Before we leave, we will ensure that is clean, stunning, odor-free and fresh. Don’t worry about the cleaning equipment and products – we supply them all.

We have the expertise to provide a
deeper cleanthan your basic house cleaning service. Our residential basic cleaning services will not only ease the problem of the constant maintenance of your home but will also create a clean, comfortable and safe living environment for you and your family.

We will visit you in your home after  appointment has been confirmed and do  a walk through with you so that we can develop your personalized house cleaning list of needs. Once we know what your home cleaning needs are we will start working . We will create a checklist specialized just for you and your family and deliver exactly what you want every time we clean your home.

Our schedule for residential cleaning is flexible. Give us a call  @ 832-292-2741 or Text @ 281-305-8087 or  send us an email We will handle your home cleaning duties, so you don’t have to. We have affordable flat rate prices for as low as
$59 Guaranteed 

Maids On Demand Trustworthy Cleaning Company provides matchless recurring home cleaning services.

Our recurring professional cleaning can ensure:

Better life expectancy – Removing potential problems that may result in the early replacement of carpet, soft furnishings, and other things in your home.
Stain Removal – Our professional cleaners can get rid of those nasty stains, concealed and discomforting spillages, spots, and marks.
A germ-free environment – Total elimination of accumulated debris, dust, and soil.
Better appearance – Old carpets, appliances, furniture, etc. will look radiant and brand new after they undergo our recurring professional cleaning.
Eradication of bacteria and mites – lowering the threat of allergies, molds and other possible problems.
Deodorization – Bid goodbye to unpleasant; we provide treatments to make sure that your carpets and furniture are fresh and clean.

We recommend the First visit to have aDEEP cleaning .Thereafter we can continue with a recurring cleaning,but it is optional .

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