Deluxe Cleaning Checklist

When you select Deluxe Cleaning you can be sure that all of the services on the following checklist will be thoroughly performed.

Maids On Demand   has agreed to this checklist as a minimum list of services that  will be performed when cleaning your home. 

Many of our maids  actually go well beyond the items on this list so be sure to show them your appreciation by giving them a great review and rating on our site! 


Remove cobwebs
Sweep & Mop floor
Spot clean outside of cabinets
Clean baseboards 
Clean Stove Hood
Vacuum or Sweep kitchen rug 
Clean outside/Inside on top of refrigerator
Clean and polish sink & faucet
Clean the outside /Inside of all appliances
Empty Trash Clean Trashcan 
Clean in/outside of microwave
Wipe down all windowsills
Clean counter tops
Wipe down ceiling fans
Clean exterior/Interior of stove
Wipe down all lights switches


Clean mirrors
Clean exterior of all vanities
Clean sinks
Polish faucet
Spot clean the outside of cabinets
Spot clean the door on both sides
Clean soap, toothbrush holder
Clean toilet (behind as well)
Clean tub & shower
Remove cobwebs
Clean baseboards & Floors
Organize bath towels
Folded tip toilet paper
Wipe down all windowsills

Living Areas/Dining Room

Dust all corners (high/low)
Dust all horizontal surfaces
Dust mop wood floors
Sweep/Mop tile 
Remove cobwebs
Wipe down all windowsills
Clean sliding glass doors
Straighten up / pick-up
Clean all glass & mirrors
Wipe down ceiling fans


Dust all horizontal surfaces
Straighten up / pick-up
Wipe down ceiling fans
Dust mop wood floors 
Vacuum and/or Mop tile
Dust all corners (high/low)
Make all beds
Clean all glass and mirrors

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