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Q. Do you supply your own cleaning supplies and equipment?

A. You don’t have to worry about cleaning equipment and supplies. Your cleaning professionals come fully supplied with equipment and environmentally friendly, pet-safe cleaning products. However, if you’d like us to use your own products, we will gladly do so.

Q. Can I schedule just one house cleaning without a regular contract?

A. Absolutely. We can come just once, every week or whatever schedule suits your needs.

Q. How many professionals will come to clean my home?

A. We come to your home with a crew of  2 female maids most of the time , depending on the size of your home and the number of rooms you need cleaned .We are not like other Technology software companies using modern apps acting as cleaning companies to clean your home which will charge you an hourly rate which is based upon them being slow cleaning your house so they can milk the clock and charge you more hours which will result in costing you more money and the quality still poor and no real human to call when you need immediate help . We believe in providing a professional quality cleaning service with your budget in mind  .

Maids On Demand   is a professional quality cleaning company since 2008 with Flat Rate Upfront Prices & No time limit GUARANTEED

Q. If I sign up for regular cleaning service, will I see the same cleaning professionals each time?

A. Yes. We make every effort to assign the same people to clean your home every time. This means your cleaning team will get to know you and your home-cleaning preferences.

Q. If I experience any issues with the cleaning or if an item is damaged during cleaning who can I call?

A. If any problem should occur, contact the main office at 832-292-2741 and we will promptly resolve the issue.

Q. What if the cleaning crew misses something during the cleaning?

A.  After the services have been completed  we will conduct a walk-thru with our clients. At that time if there are any areas which are in need of additional attention, our maids will go over them and reinspect with the clients.Terms of service 

Q. If I have pets do I need to secure them?

A. Yes. For the safety of our cleaning crews, we must ask that you secure pets in a location away from the cleaning area.

Q. What if I need to reschedule?

A. Please give us at least a 24 hour notice before your scheduled cleaning.

Q. How can I pay?

A. You can make your payment in the form of cash/check/credit card / PayPal for first time customers or repeat customers.
We charge a $25.00 Fee for all returned payments.

Q. Is a laundry/utility room considered a room that you charge for?

A. Yes, your laundry/utility room is considered a room.

Please allow a 24 hour notice of any changes before your scheduled cleaning.?