Wooden door frames , The parts of the door that get the most abuse are the areas around the doorknob and the bottom of the door, which tends to pick up scuff marks from shoes.

 We look for scuff marks, scratches and dings. For a dazzling finish, we use lemon oil. Rub well into the wooden parts and your door frames will look brand new.

Carpets –Maids On Demand ™   use truck mounted steam cleaning system. This works great for wall-to-wall carpet this is a great way of bringing up carpets to look like new. We clean every part of the property including floors, tiles,grout .We vacuum all carpets and scrub them with floor scrubber and wire brush to remove all the hair trapped in the fibers .

The Benefits You Get With Our End Of Tenancy  Cleaning

At ©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™    we always aim to be ahead of the other tenancy cleaning companies. That’s why we have been working on creating the following list of benefits which you get when booking your move out cleaning with Maids On Demand ™

72-hour Service Guarantee – if your landlord isn’t happy with the service, we can re-clean the property FREE OF CHARGE
Professional Staff – all tenancy cleaners  are thoroughly trained in what they do
Affordable Services – we work hard to make everything on reasonable and affordable prices
Discounts – check out our bargain deals and service packages to get the most for your money
Combine after tenancy cleaning with a thorough window cleaning (inside and out) or tile/grout cleaning or power wash service  at more discounted rates 
Get your carpets & upholstery steam cleaned and refreshed alongside the move out cleaning with more discounts
Oven cleaning comes for FREE as part of the tenancy cleaning service – the cleaners will soak the removable parts in a dip tank and will wipe the cooker top and extractor hoods.

Book your End Of tenancy cleaning along with other home cleaning services and SAVE MONEY 

Always Available – 24/7 on short notice and even on weekends and bank holidays, Maids On Demand   is here for you without an extra charge.
You Are The Boss – we will stick to your priorities and guidance and we will listen to your opinion

Laundry rooms : If yours is out of hand, don't worry. The laundry room often gets neglected and can quickly turn into a dumping zone. We plan to give your laundry room a thorough cleaning from top to bottom! Using a dust cloth or vacuum attachment, we remove any cobwebs from the corners of the room. Dust and wipe down any light fixtures.Using a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner,we wipe down any cupboard doors, shelving and countertops, as well as the outside of the washer and dryer (including knobs and buttons). We check the walls to see if there are any splatters from detergent or other marks that require cleaning. 

End of tenancy cleaning is designed for people moving out and tired and exhausted from packing , tenants are in need of reliable insured professional services and result. That’s why ©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™   is  the company you pick .We offer you thorough cleaning lists that covers more items in the property than you can think of.  Maids On Demand    steam clean the carpet-tile/grout-garage-etc..as part of your move/in move/out cleaning package as those are the most difficult cleaning job in the whole property and will be required to pass the final inspection.

Flooring   – We  vacuum your carpet  and clean your tile /grout floors and hardwood . They needs to look pristine – no smells, no hair, no bad odor. This is especially true if you live with small children, pets or smoke cigarettes. Alternatively, we steam clean wash all your flooring  items. and  remove any stains we find with a suitable cleaning product .

Maids On Demand ™ professional carpet cleaning services is used  to take care of particularly stubborn stains. Sweep tile, vinyl and/or hardwood floors and mop them clean (using a steam which will yield excellent results. 

Professional, detailed cleaning services & Steam carpet shampoo for your home

If you want to hire a cleaning company for your Move/in Move/out , you should be weary of bad decisions. As your deposit is on the line, make sure the work is done by insured , professional and reliable company for best results .
Most people don’t do deep cleaning on a weekly basis and that counts double in the months before their moving date. However, when moving out, tenants need to make sure the property is just as clean as it was when they first moved in. Since moving is an already tense, both tenants and landlords turn to the services industry to fill in that role.

To fill in the demand,  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™   have introduced“Move/In Move/Out Plus  cleaning” as a new service. In it’s core, end of tenancy cleaning In detail, it’s a full top to bottom cleaning package designed especially for rented properties .It includes complete home cleaning and steam professional carpet cleaning shampoo in one visit .

Curtains/blinds/shutters – Window shutters can be either decorative or functional, and often times are both. Whether vinyl, natural wood or painted, they add beauty and character to any home. However, your shutters will become dingy and dirty, and their beauty can easily be lost. In order to keep your shutters looking their best, we offer  best way to clean your wood shutters by using a dusting cloth or brush, a vacuum, and a small brush that we can wet. First we run the vacuum with the brush attachment over the shutter to grab up most of the dust and dirt.

Garden and exterior – If there is a garden shed we make sure it is clean . Hose down any decking and sweep up leaves and other debris from patio areas. We make sure that flowerbeds are in good order .

Garages Our service is simple and to the point. clean away dirt and debris .Sweep mop and deoderize of garage floor .Soft power washing is done to remove any oil or chemical stains on concrete .Garage doors detailed cleaned washed inside /out removing all dirt .

   Quick Help - End of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is important for your home but stressful .


 If moving house tops the list of stressful experiences people go through in life and cleaning house tops the list of loathsome experiences   people face on a daily basis, then cleaning or moving should be a truly nightmarish experience indeed. The mere idea of scrubbing floors   and washing windows after the long weeks of laborious moving preparations and  exhausting moving tasks may be enough to put you in     panic – after all, you have only just finished organizing the myriad details of  the relocation process, putting all the required paperwork in   order and packing all your earthly possessions, so you are highly unlikely to have any energy   left to spare. And yet, you need to clean not   one but two properties at the very climax of your relocation endeavor – move-out/move-in day:

 1) you will want to leave your old home in top-notch condition in order to be able to make your property more desirable for potential                    buyers;
 2) you will want your new home to be spotless when moving in.

    So, no matter how tired and how impatient to close the relocation chapter of your life you may be, you need to take the time and the                  effort to clean your old  property before moving out and your new one before moving in. Luckily, the task may not be as difficult as it              seems ,To make cleaning easier and more effective call the experts at
Maids On Demand ™ .

  Relax & Enjoy your life ! You’ll love the freedom!

Bathroom – We scrub everything in the bathroom including the tiles, sink, bath, toilet, mirror and other accessories. We ensure the drains and plug holes are clear from debris and make sure the water runs away quickly.We  remove mold, soap scum and limescale buildup from all metallic surfaces like the faucets, the shower, the drain grates. 

Tiles – We scrub the tiles and grout with an appropriate cleaner (one that contains bleach) and rinse well, so that all the tiled surfaces in your bathroom start shining;
Tub and shower – We clean the tub, tub fixtures, shower rod, shower head, and shower enclosure with extra care to get rid of soap scum and possible mold growth . We use an adequate disinfectant product and rinse the surfaces well. 
Sinks – We scour the sink and pay special attention to the faucets, handles, and chromed surfaces (we use toothbrush to get mold and stains out of small nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach). Wipe down all towel racks, light fixtures, soap dishes and toothbrush holders.
Countertops- vanities, and medicine cabinets – remove all the items from bathroom cabinets, drawers, and shelves, and use a wet sponge to clean them inside and out (including the doors). Clean the mirrors and wipe down the counters;
Toilet – We sanitize the toilet bowl, tank, and seat. Wipe the toilet roll holder.
Vents – We dust and wash all the vents found on the bathroom walls and ceiling. 
Floor – We scrub and mop the bathroom floor.

CARPET-CLEANING-STAIRCASE  and hallways – These are areas with a lot of traffic and would be in need of more serious cleaning. The carpets steam cleaned to get all the dirt and grime out.

Living room – We clean  all cupboards, cabinets, bookshelves . Living rooms often feature extensive decorations and full bookshelves. This room is mostly about dusting extensively and vacuuming everything to perfection. There are many item and awkward surfaces to clean, so easy as it might seem, the living room is very time consuming.

Fireplace & Chimney

Complete cleaning, using heavy duty commercial grade vacuum to remove all the ashes and creosote, a stiff brush is used to clean the fireplace walls. The damper ledge will always be cleaned, since creosote dust builds up there also.

A very important aspect is quality of work. Since you have a lot of money on the line, you have to pick a company such Maids On Demand   with preceding reputation for quality cleaning. Our service is not based on time, but upfront flat rates guaranteed  . The end of tenancy cleaning must endure through the final inspection. To do that the maids have to clean everything and anything until it’s perfectly clean. Having the cleaners in for an X amount of time will not make sure all the contents of the property has been thoroughly cleaned. A cleaning company that understands this will know how important the quality of their work is for moving tenants.

Windows –We clean all the windows from the inside/outside.. Windows make quick impressions on the general hygiene, we make yours crystal clear, we clean your windows completely and efficiently.We use squeegees, static-free rags and extension poles, you can expect your windows to finally shine. Our primary concern  remain on quality of the work, rather than speed. We wash the windows using a quality glass cleaner AND clean the blinds and the window sills as well;

​​The Ultimate Moving House Cleaning by   ©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™ 

Kitchen empty all the cupboards and shelves. Remove all crumbs and deposits, clean inside and out and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth.  pull out all appliances and wash the floors beneath them and the walls behind them. Clean all appliances inside/out, including the dish washing machine soap tray and the dishwasher filter. The back of most appliances is usually dirty and full of cobwebs – we make sure to wipe them off with a dry cloth. After we have cleaned the fridge, if it is empty we switch it off at the mains and leave the door open to prevent mold. We make sure to pull out all fridge shelves, cabinets and racks. We will clean them good including the groves where they slide in the fridge. We repeat this for each appliance with similar features. We clean all counter tops with warm, soapy water and disinfect them to make sure we have successfully removed any stains, residues, mold and other bacteria or grime.Empty all cabinets and drawers and wipe them clean with a soft sponge and a mild cleaner .Use a specialized glass cleaner to make all the glass elements in the kitchen (windows, glass doors, glass cases, glass tabletops, etc.) shine.We scrub the sink and faucets with an appropriate  cleaning product to make them look like new .Drop slices of lemon, some salt and/or ice cubes in the garbage disposal to get rid of any accumulated grime and unpleasant odors.

Consider Professional Cleaning Services by   ©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™

Move out and move in cleaning can be extremely exhausting when you are so overwhelmed with the arduous moving process. It requires plenty of time and effort and adds to the moving stress. Therefore, you may want to consider using professional moving out (moving in) cleaning services – our experienced professionals will do the job for you in a quick and efficient manner and will save you a lot of strain. In certain circumstance hiring professional moving out (moving in) cleaners may be your best  viable option – you may not have the time to clean your old house by yourself, you may not be able to arrive in your new property before your items, you may not have the necessary cleaning supplies (you won’t take your vacuum cleaner on the plane with you, so that you can clean your new home upon arrival, will you?), you may be too exhausted to deal with the laborious cleaning tasks, etc.

If so, just get a move out (move in) free cleaning quote and see if the price and conditions offered by   ©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™   will work for you. In most cases, the quality professional assistance we offer will be worth the cost.

Oven/Stove –We remove the grills, oven racks, and drip pans from the stove and scrub them clean (we soak them in soapy water and degreaser while cleaning the rest of the stove). We use steel wool to scrub the oven ( heavy-duty oven cleaner) and pay special attention to the oven glass door. We remove all the grease and grime from the entire stove surface (including the control panel, hood and exhaust fan), as well as from the areas around and behind the stove.We replace the exhaust fan filter if necessary.We ensure good cleaning of the oven using safe degreasing agents . The oven builds up thick layers of grime, burnt food deposits, grease and household dust. It all makes for a cleaning job that requires the most time, effort .We make sure it is sparkling, as the oven is often the first item to be inspected. The same goes for the hob, burners, racks, baking trays, handles, switches and all other surfaces. We put in the extra effort about your oven.

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After the maids  visit, the property will be free of: 

Hair and Fur
Dirt, Dust and Stains
Grime, Grease, Fingermarks, Smudges and Spills
Limescale and Surface rust
Hard debris, Food deposits and Leftovers

Your move out cleaning team will bring all the required tools, cleaning solutions and machines they will need to complete the job. These are  included in your  quote. Contact the customer service department if you have any questions 832-292-2741

©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™   an insured provider.  Only choose company with vetted employees and insured services. 

More important, ©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™  cleaning company offer  %200  Satisfaction Guarantee policy on the cleaning . If the service is not sufficient, financial compensation or a re-clean is due.   MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™    allow for at least 72 hour guarantee for hygiene. You need this time to hold down the final inspection, before the property starts to naturally accumulate dust and dirt.

©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™   is the only company in Houston that offer 72 hour  %200 money back guarantee 

Hardwood floor-.Sweep first and vacuum . spraying the floor with a wood floor cleaner .Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or murphy oil is available to mop it up using a flat mop to mop the hardwood floors. (clients are welcome to provide own brand )

©  MAIDS ON DEMAND  ™   has been serving residential homeowners since  2008. We have firmly established ourselves as THE MOST TRUSTED  customer-  friendly cleaning  company in the Houston area.We adjust to your needs. We are your residential cleaning headquarter . The most affordable cleaning company!