When you select Annual -Spring Cleaning you can be sure that all of the services on the following checklist will be thoroughly performed. Maids On Demand   has agreed to this checklist as a minimum list of services that will be performed when cleaning your home. 
Many of our maids  actually go well beyond the items on this so be sure to show them your appreciation by giving them a great review and rating on our site! 


Open windows
Remove cobwebs
Sweep & Mop floor
Wash down cabinets inside  (remove everything & return it)

Wash cabinet doors and knobs-outside

Clean and organize pantry. 
Clean baseboards
Clean inside/outside/behind stove

Clean dishwasher, inside and out

Run dishwasher  (and empty when clean, )

Clean up dishes, pots and pans 
Vacuum or sweep kitchen rug 
Clean inside/outside/behind refrigerator

Clean out the refrigerator and freezer of older food

Clean crumbs out of toaster.
Clean and polish sink & faucet
Clean the outside of all appliances
Wastebaskets (emptied, washed and relined)
Clean inside/outside of microwave
Wipe down all windowsills
Clean counter tops wash back splash.
Clean all blinds
Clean light fixtures,

Clean ceiling fans,

Clean all light switches
Wipe off electrical outlets

Clean windows (inside only )


Open windows
Clean mirrors & sinks
Clean exterior /Interior of all vanities
Clean light fixtures, switches,

Clean  ceiling fans
Polish faucet
Wash down cabinets inside & out (remove everything & return it)
Clean the door and frames on both sides and all walls
Clean toilet (behind as well)

clean around seat bolts
Clean tub & shower
Remove cobwebs
Clean all baseboards  

Clean scrub sanitize ,sterilize, disinfect, floors
Organize bath towels

Folded tip toilet paper
Clean all blinds
Wipe down all windowsills
Clean soap, toothbrush holder

Clean windows (inside only )

Living Areas/Dining Room

​Open windows
Dust all corners (high/low)
Detail dust all horizontal surfaces

Shutters vacuumed or dusted with microfiber cloth
Sweep & Mop wood floors (Murphy Oil) or clients may provide specific brand 
Sweep/Mop tile

Clean baseboards
Remove cobwebs
Clean windowsills

Clean all blinds
Clean sliding glass doors
Straighten up / pick-up organize 
Clean all glass & mirrors

Clean television screen.(dry dust)

Carefully dust electronics.

Tidy electronics wires.  Tuck nicely out of sight.
Clean light fixtures, switches

Clean ceiling fans
Detail dust all pictures frames, objects, etc.
Wipe down doors & door frames throughout the house
Clean inside and behind couches and chairs

Wipe down table and chairs.

Polish table, if necessary (Old English Lemon Oil) 

Dust any displayed china or serving dishes.

Dust shelves, furniture and decor.

Vacuum inside sofa cushions (Upholstered furniture vacuumed)

 Remove/pillow straightened 
All baseboards in the house hand washed with moving furniture
Clean windows (inside only )


Open windows
Dust all horizontal surfaces
Straighten up / pick-up
Clean light fixtures, switches
Clean  ceiling fans
Sweep & Mop wood floors 
Sweep scrub  and Mop tile

Sweep or vacuum under bed
Dust all corners (high/low)

Remove everything from closets.

Sweep and wash closet floor.

Organize  everything back neatly.
Make all beds

Change bed linens (please provide clean sheet on bed )
Clean all glass and mirrors
Clean blinds

Clean  windowsills
Clean baseboards
Clean inside & behind couches
Detail dust all pictures frames, objects, etc.

Clean lamp shades.

Clean windows (inside only )


Open windows
Clear away unnecessary items
Dispose of extra bottles and boxes
Organize items on shelves or in cabinets and bins 
Dust walls and cabinets
Clean appliance surfaces
Scrub counter tops and wipe out the laundry sink
Sweep and mop or vacuum the floor

Clean  outside of washer/dryer 

Clean windows (inside only )


Open windows
Dust lighting fixtures.
Wash walls and trim
Wash doors, knobs and switch plates.
Wash bench or other furnishings.  Launder bench cushion, 
Empty out coat closet clean organize and return 

Wash walls 
Clean  entry mat.
Sweep and scrub floors.  
Clean grout lines with special grout brush and solution


Wash hard plastic children's toys with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry.

Sort books and magazines


Sweep/vacuum stairs
Spot clean walls.
Wipe down handrail.
Dust art and light fixtures.

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