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The Importance Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning

If you are a landlord and are wanting the best rental for your properties, it is important to make sure they are in the best condition.  On the other hand, employing end of tenancy cleaners is also an important consideration for both incoming and outgoing tenants.  So, if you own properties that you rent out you need them to attract the best rate possible by making sure your houses, flats or rooms are in tip top condition. This is where a professional end of tenancy clean is well worth considering for both landlords and tenants. Importance of end of tenancy cleaning to tenants. For tenants leaving the property, this form of cleaning is paramount in order for them to get their full deposit back. On the other hand, end of tenancy cleaning should also be considered by tenants moving into a property.  This way the property is in tip top condition at the start of the tenancy and will make it easier to leave in the same condition when it is time to vacate and thus getting the full amount of their deposit.  Importance of end of tenancy cleaning to the landlord.  When rental premises are clean, they are likely to attract many more customers. Therefore, if you are a landlord, you will be able to secure your rent amount by ensuring that your property is spic and span. Potential tenants are far more likely to pay a higher price for clean and tidy premises and therefore by keeping your rental houses clean someone wanting to rent it will come along sooner rather than later. Generally, end of tenancy cleaning services are offered by professional cleaning companies like Maids On Demand  . This should give you confidence in getting the best results at the end of the process. Cleaning companies employ skilled personnel to do such jobs and therefore, regardless of the amount of money that they will charge you, you can always be assured of the best results.  So you can see why end of tenancy cleaning is of great importance.  So, call Maids On Demand , we will be happy to give you a no obligation quote.

END OF TENANCY Cleaning Checklist



* Move refrigerator away from wall

* Remove grease and grime off wall behind refrigerator

* Scrub and mop floor where refrigerator normally stands

* Clean sides of refrigerator

​* Cleaning the Condenser Coils and Fan Blade

* Clean the rubber gasket Pat the gasket dry and then apply lemon oil,

* Move refrigerator back in place

* Defrost freezer and clean

* Remove all shelves and crispers

* Wash the shelving, drawers, and other surfaces by hand using dish soap.

* Clean inside of refrigerator before replacing shelves and crisper

​* Dry off shelving before putting it back in its home in the refrigerator.

​* Scent your fridge to give it a subtle fragrance


* Remove grease and grime off wall and cabinet sides around and behind stove

* Scrub, mop, wax floor where stove normally stands

* Move stove back in place

* Remove grease and grime off range hood

* Clean range top,burners front and doors

* Remove grease and grime from oven, including racks and broiler

* Drip pans

*Clean exhaust fan if needed.

*Clean hood fan and vent filter

Microwave :

* wiped from inside and outside

Cupboards/Pantries and Drawers :

* Remove all food/debris particles from all surfaces

​* Vacuum out drawers and cabinets first,   

* Wash and rinse all shelves and drawers with pine-sol & water solution

* Clean all cabinet doors  fronts inside and outside

*Use Pledge or Old English Polish on wood cabinets 


*  Wipe down backsplash.

*  Ceiling free of cobwebs

*  Wipe off disinfectant all counter surfaces 

​* Clean and disinfect granite countertops


* Clean inside and outside, including door edges

Light Fixtures /Light Switches  :

* Remove all fixtures, clean, put fixtures back in place

* Antibacterial wipe using microfibre cloth lightly dampened with all purpose cleaner.

​* Wipe over switch plate and surrounding wall, removing all dirt and grime

​* Clean accumulation of grunge from light switches

​* Plugs and sockets – dusted and wiped

Door handles :

* Wiped and polished, free from stains, marks and fingerprints

Ceiling fans :

* Cleaned using a long-handled duster for all fan blades

* Cleaned by hand using mild degreaser 

* Wipe each blade clean and dry 

Baseboards/ crown Moldings:

* Dry brush  to dust off the dust from the baseboard

* Wash and rinse all baseboards and moldings 

Dado rails/ Staircases Railings :

* Dusted and wiped by hand using  lint-free microfiber cloth

​* Scrub down wrought iron balusters and railing Soak a towel in the diluted vinegar solution

Work areas and under sink  :

* Clean under sink, making sure it is debris and grease free

* Remove items you don't use. Give them away or dispose of them responsibly. 

​* Wipe everything out: Vacuum under the sink 

​* Disinfecting sprays used to clean the bottom of the cupboard.

Floors :

* Scrub and mop all vinyl floors

* Clean soiled tile grout

* Hardwood Floors damp-moped 


* Remove soap scum mildew and stains from tub, tub fixtures and shower rod

* Remove hair from drain and make sure they are not clogged

* Clean and shine wall tile around tub areas bleach the grout 

* Scour sink and soap holder

* Clean vanity cabinet inside and out, including doors

* Clean out the bathroom drawers , making sure to get all the hair out (and remove any liners).

* Clean inside and outside of medicine cabinet and cabinet door (including mirror)

* Disinfect, scrub and remove stains from inside and outside of toilet

* Use Pine-sol with warm water to wash down 90% of the interior.

* Use soft scrub and a toothbrush to clean around faucet handles.

* Use soft scrub to clean bath fixtures and showers. Then buff with a dry towel  on chrome.

* Use Pumice stone to remove stains in toilets. 

* Bowl/Seat
* Towel racks

​* Toilet/Tissue Holder

* Clean linen closet/shelves and both sides of door

* Remove light fixture(s), clean, replace burnt out bulbs and put back in place

* Scrub and mop bathroom floor, making sure to remove dirt

​* Vacuum out the surface of the exhaust fan if super dusty.


* Clean windowsills, frames, casing, and both sides of glass

​* Book Shelves dusted and wiped down 

*Clean the bookcase dust both the inside  of the case and the side wall.

*Vacuum window & patio door tracks, then use solution with toothbrush to clean well. 

* Clean closet shelves, rods, tracks, casing, and both sides of doors

* Clean both sides of all doors including casings

* Remove light fixtures, clean, replace burnt out bulbs, and replace light fixtures

* Vacuum all carpets

* Wash all baseboards

* Scrub and mop all vinyl or tiled areas


* Dusted and removing finger marks, spots, and cobwebs;

* Wash down walls,  with dish soap and warm water.​

* Remove and take all nails and screws out of the walls and ceiling 

Hardwood Stairs:

​* Use a broom for all of the large debris.

​* use a smaller hand brush to clean the crevices. 

​*  vacuum to remove the debris.

Carpeted Stairs:

* Hand vacuum is the best way to clear out the crevices.

​* Hand brush to clean the crevices

windows :

*  All ​Interior windows glass and tracks cleaned.

​* All window ledges dusted & damp wiped 

Blinds/Shades & Shutters :

 * Washed by hand using high power, gentle chemicals

 * Remove build up of , dust, stains, insect excretions, grease, smoke 


* Remove washer/dryer, clean under machines 

* Wipe down washer and dryer inside and out,  

* Clean all vents

*  Clean all floor and wall areas of all lint and debris

* Dust walls and cabinets
* Clean appliance surfaces
* Scrub counter tops and wipe out the laundry sink
* Sweep and mop or vacuum the floor


* Vacuumed and cleaned (no cobwebs)

* Doors and shelves wiped down

Fire place :

* Scoop out and clean your fireplace from ashes and creosote 

* ​Stiff brush is used to clean the fireplace walls


* Sweep

* Clean oil stains

* Clean out any storage closets

* Clear out all refuse, boxes, and debris

* Haul away unwanted items

Outside Areas :

* Clean and sweep front porch
* Clean and sweep patio, clean outside of door
* Clean out any storage areas

​* Remove garbage or trash from premises 

* Remove any unwanted personal items


*  Scrub the floor with chemical to loosen dirt 

* Steam clean-using hot pressure water

* Remove dirt and scuff marks from your surface

* Extracts vacuum dirt from deep within the tile / grout. 


* All carpets are to be professionally cleaned-

* Vacuum and steam clean using hot water extraction

* Remove any spots or stains.

​* Scotch guard & Deodorize 


* If you have an animal pet odor treatment must be done .

Smoke Alarm & light bulb :

* Replace the batteries in the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.
* Replace any burned out light bulbs.