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About 56% of American families who traveled in 2014 opted for private vacation homes, according to an American Express Study. And homeowners have responded: Look in almost any city or small town and you’ll find alternative accommodations offered through sites like AirbnbVRBO and others.

But one of the biggest homeowner peeves is how much work goes into cleaning and preparing their spaces for guests. It can be tiring to prepare a home or apartment many times a week. And that’s where Maids On Demand   , as a trustworthy and thorough support cleaning company, come in.

How We Clean Vacation Rentals

Airbnb management

Our Maids are very detail oriented and follows instructions well. If they are not a “detail person,” this gig probably isn’t for them. The Maids need to be thorough, detailed and have an impeccable eye for ambience .

Those of us who become giddy thinking about a perfectly folded linen or finely chilled bottle of wine to welcome a guest will find this work enjoyable and rewarding. It’s not the same as cleaning your own home. It’s more of a mix between concierge and maid services.

But unlike hotel guests, who may leave a space in any shape they wish, guests who book through a rental site can be reviewed publicly by the owner on the site they used to book their stay. Because of this feature, our clients  can usually expect to see a much cleaner and more orderly space.

 Maids On Demand ™   able to do the basics well:

Clean and tidy the whole space
Lift or slide rugs and furniture into place
Wash and fold all linens, towels and blankets
Dust, vacuum, mop, scrub and sanitize all surfaces and floors
Clean and put away dishes
Take out the trash and recycling

The details are crucial.

Make the home cobweb and dust free — everywhere.  clean the tops of doors, the wiring and cables behind the TV, or under books on a shelf, Maids On Demand    a good fit for this work based on our extensive experience with providing complete cleaning solutions to vacation and rental property owners in the Houston area.
Add concierge-like touches. From specially folded toilet paper to perfect bed service and a thoughtful welcome basket, guests have come to expect these details in vacation rentals.
Maids On Demand ™ Have a strict “No Hair Left Behind” policy. No guest wants to see a former guest’s hair in the sink or tub!

How to Get Started  - Order On Demand  Or Call 832-292-2741 for Scheduling  .

How can I provide a clean space for my guests?

One of Airbnb's Hosting Standards is cleanliness. Providing a clean and tidy space will make your guests feel comfortable from the moment they arrive—and show your commitment to making your guests feel welcome.

To make your listing shine, consider hiring 
Maids On Demand  

 Our skilled professionals go above and beyond on every job.
Maids are rated and reviewed after each task. clean every room that your guests can access during their stay and we pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen.Clean remote controls, switches, door knobs, cabinet handles, etc. after each check-out. Imagine all the germs these items harbor after six or eight people have touched them for a week! Naturally, we all clean and disinfect the bathrooms, but don't forget the handle on the toilet.
If you provide towels and sheets, we also make sure they're freshly-washed and dried .
To show extra consideration, we think about the small things, like dusting the bookshelves, wiping the mirrors, and emptying the wastebasket.
Per your instructions we can make room in the closet or dresser so that guests can store their belongings.

We know that cleaning is one of the more challenging aspects of preparing your listing, particularly if you're traveling yourself. Hire
Maids On Demand    professional cleaning service.

Our cleaning team is dedicated to helping you keep your home looking—and smelling—like new.We work hard to make your life easier, you simply tell us how we can help.
We offer professional, detailed cleaning services for your home, apartment or condo. 

It's important to find the time to relax and enjoy life and be with family and friends .Life is too short to spend your time cleaning so let us! We LOVE to clean!  , particularly when you have
back-to-back bookings. Offering your guests the ability to enjoy life themselves as well and not worry about spending their vacation time cleaning is awesome ! It's called differentiation from your competition , so consider hiring Maids On Demand   helps you live smarter, giving you time to focus on what’s most important.

You need a reliable and affordable cleaning service to prepare your home and create a welcoming experience for your guests. You want a cleaning service that is available On-demand one that knows what guests appreciate.

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Deep cleaning services .

We help you shine

Our goal at Maids On Demand    is to take the work out of preparing your home for each new guest. 

Airbnb rental in Houston is only as good as your reputation, and any good Airbnb host knows the importance of cleanliness when listing their homes. That’s why our priority is to deliver high quality cleaning, consistently - to ensure you get a 5-star review from your guests! Let us worry about making your rental shine, so you can focus on your core business of getting more Airbnb bookings!

Easy on-demand service scheduling! 
Damage reporting and supply restocking after every cleaning.
A dedicated same cleaning team who have experience cleaning
Airbnb homes

A detailed Work Order, so each cleaning associate knows exactly how you like things!

Airbnb Cleaning Service Areas

 Cleaning Checklist

When you select us to clean , you can be sure that all of the services on the following checklist will be thoroughly performed. 
Maids On Demand  has agreed to this checklist as a minimum list of services that  will be performed when cleaning your home. 
Many of our maids  actually go well beyond the items on this list so be sure to show them your appreciation by giving them a great review and rating on our site! 


Remove cobwebs
Sweep & Mop floor
Spot clean outside of cabinets
Clean Stove Hood
Vacuum or Sweep kitchen rug 
Clean outside/on top of refrigerator
Clean and polish sink & faucet
Clean the outside of all appliances
Empty Trash Clean Trashcan 
Clean in/outside of microwave
Clean counter tops
Clean exterior/Interior of stove


Clean mirrors
Clean exterior of all vanities
Clean sinks
Polish faucet
Spot clean the outside of cabinets
Clean soap, toothbrush holder
Clean toilet (behind as well)
Clean tub & shower
Remove cobwebs
Organize bath towels
Folded tip toilet paper

Living Areas/Dining Room

Dust all corners (high/low)
Dust all horizontal surfaces
Dust mop wood floors
Sweep/Mop tile 
Remove cobwebs
Straighten up / pick-up
Clean all glass & mirrors


Dust all horizontal surfaces
Straighten up / pick-up
Dust mop wood floors 
Vacuum and/or Mop tile
Dust all corners (high/low)
Make all beds
Clean all glass and mirrors

Airbnb cleaning package starts at Just$99 . We also provide custom quotes toAirbnb hosts based on the size of your property, the tasks included and the frequency of cleaning, so feel free to contact us for your customized estimate. ​

The most affordable cleaning company!

A well-known name providing excellent cleaning services since 2008, Maids On Demand   "THE MOST TRUSTED " is your one-stop destination to get quality vacation home cleaning service in Houston.

For all those who are planning to enjoy the pleasant and the most diverse place in the country and visit their vacation homes, it is crucial to ensure that their homes are properly cleaned and well maintained by hiring a professional vacation home cleaning service.

We specialize in providing vacation home cleaning service in and around the
Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land area. We can prepare the vacation home for your arrival by thoroughly cleaning the home,floors, Carpet,upholstery,tile/grout,windows, linens, furniture and all the other areas.

Thorough Cleaning & Disinfecting


The amiable and friendly nature of our team and their unmatched skills at providing vacation home cleaning services of the highest quality assures a delightful experience for our clients.

When you hire our reliable and competent services, your home will be cleaned by the same maids each time. You can rest assured that the results will be as brilliant as before.

Maids On Demand   is far more convenient than doing the cleaning yourself, especially if you are busy attending to other obligations.

You can definitely benefit from our:

On Demand Booking cleaning service
200% Satisfaction Guarantee
Professional trained house maids

No time limit 
All maids are background checked and certified

Insured & Bonded 

​Our maids Uniformed provide all cleaning supplies and come with everything including  vacuum, broom, and mop.

The most customer- friendly cleaning company in the Houston area & The most affordable cleaning company!

We have extensive experience with providing complete cleaning solutions to vacation and rental property owners in the
Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land area.

Once you hire our vacation home cleaning service, you do not have to worry about taking out time to clean the home or spending money on buying costly cleaning products and equipment.

Rental Home Cleaning in the Houston Area • Deep Cleaning

Your rental home is a long-term investment. However, ignoring its cleaning needs can soon lower its appearance and value.

Many rental and vacation homeowners complain about their homes losing their shine and appeal with time.  All these issues can be easily avoided by hiring a rental home cleaning service specialist such
Maids On Demand  to maintain the appearance and condition of your home.  

Maids On Demand   is a name you trust and can completely rely upon to get quality solutions for rental home cleaning.

We realize the inconvenience rental homeowners have to face when it comes to keeping their homes clean and sparkling. That is why we strive to lessen their worries by offering reliable and efficient rental and vacation home cleaning service in a flexible manner.

Houston homeowners can get in touch with us by calling/texting 832-292-2741 for the best rental and vacation home cleaning service in town.